Her aura made her
queen of her dreams,
she had a fetish ,
she knew about her powers.

Heyyy myy beautiful bloggers. How have you been? *happpyyy meee*

Sorry for being away using WordPresss. 😥

QQTD. Do you think long relationships work? It maybe a friendship with someone.

Thankyouuu for reading. 🙂

Greetings. ❤

PS. I feel sooo happy to be back here. 😍 And yaaa, do give your reviews for the question and the quote Ofcourse. 🙈


10 thoughts on “Aura👸

      1. But yeah
        i do believe that there is one person(a special girl for me) that is there for me whom I know that I can peacefully die with.
        For ” relationships” long short mid term or whatever, it’s waste of time.

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  1. here works your eternity what u beleive and what you thought, for someone relationships might work but for someone it will not..but dear a true relationship is it is with yourself which will definately work…..your quotes meANS A LOT.. HAVE A HAPPY JOURNEY IN LIFE…

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