Life lead us at some halts where you realise you don’t know how to make decision or how to handle the situation.

You might play a negative role in one’s life but if it is done for a good deed then there is nothing to worry about.

Caught in the moment of deluding happiness where light sneak in over darkness. 🌟

-Rupal Jain

Stay calm and enjoy each and every moment. 🌟 Look for positivity surrounding you.

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I wish your ‘Always’
meant forever.

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Her aura made her
queen of her dreams,
she had a fetish ,
she knew about her powers.

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QQTD. Do you think long relationships work? It maybe a friendship with someone.

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Maths πŸ‘»

Math isn’t Annabelle creation
that will scare you.

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Being a Bsc Maths student, including maths in my quotes is must. πŸ˜› So I compared this with Annabelle creation.

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Run away!

Don’t run away from those
Who care for you
Who value you
For we know
they will follow you

It’s wierd but that’s true. Those who care for you will never leave you. They will always remain by your side forever whether in your happy or bad times. They will enjoy you company and each and every time spent with you. βœ…

Don’t ever looose such people from your life.

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